How It Works ?

Step By Step Guide

1. Sign up for creating the business card online.

Sign up by entering the Name, Email address and password through sign up page.

2. Basic Details

Enter the basic details in the form like Business Name, Tagline, Name, Number, Email, Full address, Pin Code and social media links.

3. Choose an image and cover image for the Business Card

Upload the image and cover image for the business card. You can easily choose the different design for the cover image at any time.

4. Add Service

Add the service title and description corresponding to the services section

5. Add Business Details

Add the business details such as title, Description and upload the images related to the business.

6. Generate the business card link

Create a business card by clicking on generate business card link. You will receive the business card link in the email.

7. Edit the card details through My Details section

Business Card details can be edited through the My details section. You can edit the My details, Services and Projects through this section.

8. Share the business card Link

Whenever you want to share the business card, open the business card link and click on the share button on your card. You will be able to choose any of the sharing methods available (WhatsApp, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS).